Friday, May 27, 2011

Google Sniper 2.0 second review

Hey everyone I am following up on the google sniper review I did 2 post back. I have have been using the google sniper 2.0 techniques for a month now. I am still not high ranking in Google yet. Bummer right, no I am still page 1 in yahoo for my website for the key word cpu overclocking software. Actually the last time I checked I was rank number 5 in yahoo and bing for that key word. And I am second page in those two search engines for 2 other key words.

Big deal huh, actually it is, before google sniper 2.0 I could not even come close to being 1st page in any keyword on any search engine. The thing is there are many search engines that people use other than google, yahoo, and bing on a daily basis. Many of those search engines use yahoo and bing to power there engine.

So if I am first page in Yahoo and bing I am first page on many more. My second thought on google sniper 2.0, Many say George Brown is lazy, George Brown admits he is lazy, but lazy or not he knows his stuff. If you are thinking or debating on buying Google sniper 2.0, give it a try, if you are not satisfied he gives your money back.

Google Sniper 2.0