Saturday, December 12, 2015

Online Marketing 2016

Seo and Online Marketing 2016

There has been a paradigm shift in todays online marketing. This shift started this year 2015 for SEO marketing. You still want to have the perfect on page and off page optimization this gives relevance to your website. It allows search engines to know what your website is about. You want to have authority links pointing back at your website. It tells search engines such as Google that your website is important and is trusted. This has been around since the beginning of the internet and in many's opinion it will be around for much longer. However this is no longer the only cog in the SEO wheel.

Video Content

Video content has been on the rise. 2016 may bring an even bigger return on investment for companies who use video content in comparison with those who only use written content. Thought, combining video on websites. You give your consumers valuable information, as well keeping them content on your website. This will keep your bounce rate in that comfortable zone.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile optimization is more important than ever. People use the internet on their smartphones, tablets and other mobiles devices; that’s not news at all. Then why are so many companies still failing to optimize their websites to be more mobile friendly? This year 2015 you seen a big push for even more mobile friendly websites and mobile optimization. Google even stated their push towards websites being mobile friendly. There was a huge shift in rankings due to website not mobile friendly dropped and or rankings being dropped. Is your website mobile friendly, not sure, go to Google's Mobile Friendly Test

Social Media and Social Signals

Social Signals (social media) will continue to become the new SEO. For companies employing an SEO strategy social signals will be one of the major factors of success. Legitimate backlinks from trusted news sources have become the norm. In 2016 you will see more companies including social media in their online advertising. Now more and more seo companies have included social media and social signals in their optimization campaign. Many well known SEO "gurus" have stated that that paradigm shift now includes social media (social signals) in serp rankings. Which makes sense now that more people are and or will be sharing things they think are important or news worthy on their social media accounts. These signals telling google and other search engines that your product, website, etc is important and people are talking about it.

To recap: What is 2016's online marketing campaign.

1: Video content and video advertising
2: Mobile Friendly Websites
3: Social media and social signals

Your Marketing Campaign

Whether you are doing an advertising campaign or an SEO campaign your client will need social media. To get your Social Media (social signals) started or a boost I would suggest this will give you that extra push towards a great social marketing campaign and give your website that social signal boost for search engines.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Article Writers Needed

Get paid to write articles & short stories. There are thousands of topics to write about. Get paid up to $100/article & $500/story.  Get cash for writing blog posts. Create simple blog posts or get paid to comment on blogs.

All is welcome, the writing community is open to all who are willingly to wield the pen (keyboard).
Are you an experienced writer or just starting out expressing your talented thoughts? Sometimes writers need experience before writing for a newspaper, news station, or any of the numerous outlets out there. Sometimes it is hard to find people willing to post, or publish your article on their news outlet so that other people can read it. How do you get your foot in the door? How do you build your writing portfolio? With opportunities and businesses willing to pay you for your writing skills.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Introduction To Paid

With inflation, the costs of living have been rising. This, coupled
with the slowly recovering economy, as prompted people to look into
alternative means of earning money.

One of the many choices these days is to take part in online paid
surveys. These surveys are simply one of the ways which allows you to
work from home. In actual fact, paid surveys have been available for
quite some time. However, they have had a bad reputation because of the
various fraudulent websites that have failed to pay users after they
had completed surveys.

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There are also websites which collect significant sums of sign up fees and offer
false promise surveys which will provide high returns. Although you should
not let these fraudulent websites stop you in your money making venture, you
should be cautious when you are looking for survey sites.

For one, you may search for reviews of these paid survey websites using a
search engine so that you will be able to learn more about the experience
of their users
Secondly, you should also use your personal judgement and avoid
websites which seem dodgy. Once you have found reliable paid survey
sites, you should sign up to be part of their survey panels. This will
ensure that you will be able to receive email updates whenever there
are new surveys available. Moreover, when you register as a member of
the survey panel, you will be able to fill in a form regarding various
details such as your age and gender. This will help to narrow you out
for surveys that target specific demographic groups.

There are also many other things which you should look out for when you
are thinking of completing paid surveys as a means to earn extra

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Product Review of Search Engine Submitter

Search Engine Submitter is a website submission service created by Jason Taylor. Clients pay a one-time fee to have their website submitted to top search engines and receive other SEO services, depending on the service plan they choose. Our only negative is that they do not currently offer live telephone support. Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Search Engine Submitter is competitively priced and offers three different service plans depending on what you need. Their Silver Plan is great for beginners offers basic search engine submission and SEO services, while their Gold and Platinum Plans are perfect for website owners who are more serious about their traffic and SEO needs.

Ease of Use
It doesn’t get any easier with Search Engine Submitter. Once you sign up all you need to do is give them some basic information (your email address, website URL, etc.) and they’ll take care of all the rest. Search Engine Submitter will handle all of your search engine and directory submissions, as well as all of your SEO needs. All you have to do is watch your traffic start to increase.
Customer Service
Search Engine Submitter offers great email customer service. In our experience we received responses to our email tickets quickly. However, when we called the customer service phone number all we got was a recording telling us to return to the website and submit an email ticket. We do not know if they plan to implement live phone support or not.
Get over there now before it’s too late!

From our experience we can say that Search Engine Submitter followed through on all of their promises. Within just days of signing up we noticed a definite increase in our traffic and started to see our website appearing near the top results of many major search engines.

Check it out today if and watch as your website climbs in the search engine rankings and your traffic dramatically increases!

To your success!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Marketing Benefits of a Press Release

By Scott Lindsay

Picture this. Your website has just experienced a significant upgrade and you hope it will benefit existing customers. Why not celebrate the occasion with a press release? 

You just launch a new product line and are excited that you are now linked with the company that manufactures these products. Have you thought about making it a news item? 

It is possible to use a press release to compliment the marketing strategy you already have in place using business milestones as potential news items. Many times the use of this information essentially provides free advertising for your site. 

There are multiple online locations where the information like this can be placed and you can either write the document yourself or hire a professional to put it together. 

"Harness The Full Power of Internet Press Releases To Easily Wipe-Out Your Competition For Nearly All Of The Top Rankings You Want!"

A Few Things To Remember 

A press release is not to be written like glorified advertising. Any call to action will need to be subtle and generally associated only with a link, phone number or email address for more information or contact. 

Many individuals will begin writing a press release in first person. However, in order to be successful it will need to be written from the perspective of a third-person journalist perspective. Any direct first person comments should only come in the form of quotes. 

Bad Example 

At the ABC Company we have just launched a new line that we are very excited about. The XYZ line is something we could only have dreamed about a year ago. We just hope our customers realize what a great partnership this is and drop by to visit. 

Good Example 

The ABC Company has just announced the launch of the respected XYZ line. Skip Winkleman, ABC President suggested, “This is something we could only have dreamed about a year ago. This is a great partnership.

"Harness The Full Power of Internet Press Releases To Easily Wipe-Out Your Competition For Nearly All Of The Top Rankings You Want!"

How to Begin 

If you are writing a press release you need to make sure the core idea of your entire release is found in the first paragraph. The reason this is important is that many publishers will condense press releases and may only use your first paragraph. If this happens with your release you need to be sure there are strong takeaway points from what is read. 

If possible your information should be no longer than two pages (one is preferred by some media outlets). 

If You’re Going It Alone 

Spend time looking at existing press releases. You will need to identify what makes it work and then recreate it for your own use. This may be harder than you think if only because there is often assumptions about why the work is constructed the way it is. If the assumptions are wrong you could wind up with a rejected release. 

When You Get Hire a Writer 

Make sure whomever you hire has experience in writing a release or you may find that the information created may be poorly constructed. To purchase a fully customized document of this type you should expect to pay well. Most press release writing carries a premium payment, but may provide exceptional returns in new visitors and new customers. This return often significantly outweighs the cost to prepare the document for publishing. 

"Harness The Full Power of Internet Press Releases To Easily Wipe-Out Your Competition For Nearly All Of The Top Rankings You Want!" 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Typical Article Marketing Do's and Don'ts For Advertising Your Company or Internet Site

By Scott Lindsay 

Article marketing is not really rocket science. If you like writing and love putting words with each other and are aware of the principles of spelling and sentence structure usage, then you might be a whole lot closer to becoming excellent at this type of promoting. There are of course things to avoid otherwise known as "don'ts" as well as things you want to focus on with marketing with articles, otherwise known as "do's" 

As a result of browsing some other articles as well as your past ones, you might discover a large amount of the don'ts and do's that are essential to your internet marketing success. The more knowledgeable you grow to be with marketing, of course the more you'll learn of exactly what to avoid and what to do. 

Let's start with a number of "don'ts" 

* You should never begin your rough draft with the phrase "The following article is about gardening," (or whatever it happens to be). Always begin by using a thought-provoking problem or bold statement. The concept would be to draw your audience in and make them want to understand more about what you have published. 

* Never make your article too long. Shorter ones tend to be more powerful with fewer chances of your reader becoming lost in your article. 

* You should not turn your written article into a big product sales message. Steer clear of this process, it won't improve your results. Your readers are searching for true information or, precisely what could this do for me personally? They are not looking for hyped-upped ad copy. 

* You should never overly cram keywords and phrases into the articles. The various search engines aren't keen on it. 

* Don't confuse your readers by starting off a sentence and never answering it or not identifying the resolution in the article. 

And now for the do's 

* Discuss ideas that you're experienced in or you have expertise in. When you possess experience with a certain subject, it always shows in your writing 

* Do proofread your article, and then proofread it once again checking for spelling and grammar errors before posting it on the internet. 

* You should always include a professional bio box with your article. Attempt to help make the reader interested in what else you provide. 

* Regularly write articles and submit them to directories and websites. You should not stop at just submitting to a tiny handful. It's going to take many submissions for you to benefit from it. 

* Pay attention to your article statistics. Which ones are getting you the most traffic. You should promote or showcase those specific articles somehow. 

There you have it, some simple do's and don'ts of article marketing. If you don't work marketing the proper way, then you're wasting your time. You can write the best pieces in the world, however, if they're not represented correctly, or you don't follow the basic tips above, you are also wasting their time. Why not do it the proper way to begin with? 

About the Author: Learn about Working From Home and Start Your Own Work At Home Businessat WAHCheck. Don't Work From Home until you do a WAHCheck! 

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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Market With Articles

By Darwin Moore

Article marketing has a lot of power to attract web traffic, turn that traffic into customers, and make several sales a day. You can use article marketing to sell any product on earth, from a house, to a car, to a computer to a software package, to a pen or paper, as long as you can earn a commission, article marketing is the perfect way to make sales. 

First you need to become an expert in the profitable niche. Insurance products require you to have deep knowledge about insurance, your article is the sales man and a poor article will not make a reader stay long and much less purchase anything from you. Start by perfecting your knowledge about those profitable niches and turn article marketing into a power house of money. 

Second, you need to write a long article. Small articles do not present the reader with much expertise, do not show you are a true expert, just another writer trying to sell them something. Longer articles possess more keyword count and keyword diversity. The ideal article is always at least four hundred keywords long and the perfect article at least one thousand keywords long. Those writers with free time should aim to keep the article as long as possible specially for expensive products. Trying to sell a computer and earning 20% of the revenue? You definitely need to write at least three thousand words, like a sales letter. 

Third keep the reader interested in reading more about your expertise. If the directory allows, place several related reading links and focus on the product, send the reader to an article that is similar to the article the reader just read. For example you can write about computer search and in another article internet search or computer desktop search. All topics must be either exact or very similar. 

Fourth, aim to keep your article views high all the time, this salesman is very important but only if the salesman is getting customers. Send your article to all directories, Facebook if you have interested friends, Twitter if your followers love article marketing and StumbleUpon and Digg and all other networks that allow articles to be added and indexed. The more the better, this is a key component to success! 

One article has enough power to deliver endless traffic, as long as the article is cared about. To care about an article means to constantly increase its size, adding new information, make it fresh. There is no sense in writing a ton of low quality articles that no one reads or clicks. 

Finally, your article marketing techniques must be developed by learning new keywords. Google is blind to anything but keywords and so are readers. Research deeply the right keywords, keep them fresh and use them all each one in a new article. Do not combine keywords to confuse search engines and readers. 

Remember the final goal is to convert a reader into a customer and then into a loyal reader and finally a loyal customer. 

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