Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Few facts About Search Engines

Search engines are the internet's most popular type of web site
and internet users will quite often adopt a search engine as their
home page.

-93% of consumers worldwide use search engines to
find and access websites.
Source: Forrester Research
-57% of internet users search the web every day and
46% of those searches are for product information or
Source: SRI
-Attracting a loyal audience to your website is best
achieved through top search engine listings.
Source: Forrester Research Media Field Study
-85% of qualified Internet traffic is driven through
search engines, however 75% of search engine users
never scroll past the first page of results.
Source: Seventh WWW User Survey - Georgia Institute of
-Users looking for products on-line are far more likely to type
the what they search for into a search engine (28%)
rather than go into an engine's "shopping" channel (5%) or click
on banner ads (4%)

Now that I have got your attetion (thanks to the Stupid Simple System by Tim Bekker)you can now see how important search engine rankings are. You can now see that being on the first page of google and other major search engines is really important.

Most gurus will argue that having a list is very important. I will not argue that fact, having a huge list is money in your pockets. But let me ask how are you going to get people on your list. Yes you need traffic to the landing page that has your opt-in form for your list. So whats the best and cheapest way to build that list. To have your website on google and other search engines first page for a keyword.

Its a simple math equation: To make money you need a list, to have a huge productive list you need traffic to the optin page, to get traffic to your optin page you need to be on the first page of search engines. (simple rigt) Yes it really is, the only thing that is not simple is the formula you need to know to get your webpage to the number one spot.

I have one website I built using a hosting company and loading a word press plugin on the first page of google. How did I do this by learning how to build websites that search engines love.

Then I took my knowledge of building a webpage, and decided to go a free route. I built a few other blogs, these blogs were free to sign up and free to use. On top of that they also have monetization built in them. (free blogs, free money) Now atleast two of those free blogs are on googles first page. The other blogs I decided to use harder niches, more competition, but that is still in the works.

I also took a website I started many years ago, when I was just a noob, this website is no where ranked in search engines. I picked one page of this website and put my new knowledge to work on it. This page that was no where near google is now on googles first page.

Now that I got your attention I could not have done this with out *drum roll*
Google Sniper 2.0..

Oh no he's talking about Google sniper again. Yes I am because I know for a fact that George Browns teachings work. Let me say that again George Browns "teaching" work. I did not say push button technology, I did not say get rich quick software, and I did not say instantly. I said his teachings, his pdf manual with side by side videos shows you how to build a website search engines love. Then like I did turn old websites around, and even build free blogs, yes free blogs. When you land on the first page of search engines..
- you get more traffic
- more sales
- more sign ups on your list
- the possibilities are endless
- high page rank
- selling ad space, or banner space
- becoming JV with other gurus..

Sounds great right well it is. The only thing I am not doing is re writing what george brown taught me and claiming it my own. Then turning around and selling for an insane price. I am promoting Google Sniper because I learned alot and the only way to repay George Brown is by telling the world of this hidden treasure.

So go ahead and get your copy of Google sniper 2.0 now.. your website will thank you and so will your new found knowledge.

Taking a break for cheap scrub uniforms

I am not a nurse or doctor, but I will admit I do enjoy wearing scrubs. They are comfortable and cozy, and make great sleeping pajamas. However though I have noticed that the price of good qaulity scrubs like most things today are going up. So finding cheap scrub uniforms is going going and one day will be gone.

So I took my hunt online, and found a company, bluesky scrubs, that sales cheap scrub uniforms. Now I will admit these scrubs are a little more than your "dollar store" variety but the qaulity by far is greater. Now I have good qaulity scrubs that are going to last a long time, and are cheaper than any good scrubs I have found.

Matter of fact I have a few friends who are nurses and once I find out what their sizes are this will make a great gift as well. Great qaulity scrubs at a great price now you cant beat that.

But whatever your reason for buying cheap medical scrubs bluesky scrubs,, has the scrubs for you.

Monday, July 18, 2011

how do websites make money

How do websites make money? For the majority of bloggers, and websites builders the whole purpose is to share information with the world. For some it is to vent, and for a few, people enjoy reading about their life. Then there are many that build websites that make money for them, and more people then we think make a good living just from that. How do websites make money? Thats a good question. But it is a multi-part answer.

How do websites make money? Information

In order for your website to make money, you have to share worth reading information. Anyone can build a website with nothing but ads. Those websites do nothing in my opinion but take up valuable virtual real estate. What I mean is you have to attract the readers, keep their attention, and make them come back. So the first part of "how do websites make money" is through information that readers enjoy.

How do websites make money? Monetize

The second part to "How do websites make money" is to monetize those websites. There are a few ways to monetize a website. The first way is through google adsense. The owner of the website or blog places google adsense ads on their website. When someone visits a website with google adsense there will be ads. If this ad catches the reader's eye the reader will click on the ad. The owner of the website through google adsense will get from a few cents to a few dollars. This depends on the content of the website. Many website owners do make a good living just off of google adsense. To become part of the google adsense commission program, google search google adsense and sign up there. (make sure to follow all rules and guidlines in the adsense program or your account will get banned)

The next way to make money from a website is through affiliate programs. The three affiliate programs I use are Clickbank, paydotcom, and payspree. However there are hundreds more out there. Even though this could be 5 more post I am going to give you the basics of "how do websites make money with affiliate programs." When you sign up to the programs I just listed you will be able to pick through thousands of products that are related to your website and content. You will get links, or urls that have your affiliate ID attached. When someone see a product on your website you are advertising they click on it. Once they make a purchase you recieve a percentage of the sale. Most people who have products in these companies keep the percentage high. That way the more money they pay for refferal sell the more people who will promote their product.


How do websites make money? Blog Post

This is a simple way of making a few extra bucks. Actually since I started I have made a few hundred. This is through writing blog post or using peoples articles on your blog. I do this through blogvertise Most of the payments for each blog post is 10 dollars. However I have recieved less, and I have recieved more. The more blogs and catagories you have the more gigs you will get. Most of the time the person paying for the post already has a post or article written. All you do is copy and paste as is. Once blogvertise checks your post through their system, you payment is then processed. Really that simple. There are also other programs out there just for blogs. But just with adsense, clickbank, paydotcom, payspree, and blogvertise I make a descent living.

How do websites make money? Traffic

This is the most important piece of the question "how do websites make money" and again this is another one of those 5 post answers. In order to get make money with a website you have to have traffic, or visitors. Without readers you can have your website monetized to the T but you are not going to make money. There are many "gurus" who are selling a push button software that promises to deliver traffic to your website while you sleep. The honest truth is if it worked that good, those so called gurus would not be selling the software. I dont care how good of a saint they want you to think they are. If gurus had the answer they would not make money selling all the garbage they put out each month. The only true way to build a website that makes money is to build a website to get traffic.

The only way to build a website to get traffic is to properly build your website that google loves. If google loves your website than that my friend is free traffic, and could be thousands of visitors a month, week, or the day. If you go through this blog you will read a few post I have on google sniper. I dont want to sound like a fanatic but I absolutely love google sniper and what it has done to my website knowledge. I now have a few websites sitting pretty on first page of google for my keywords. I am not going to go into to much detail about this one but if you click google sniper you will be introduced to a lazy brilliant english guy who by far outranks any "guru" today.

So how do websites make money? I hope I answered that for you, but let me recap
Quality information: readers
Monetize: money
Properly built website: free traffic

To your wealth

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google Places

Just recieved an email from a very smart gentleman who makes a really good living online. In this email it talked about Google Places and making money off of it. Well after that I email I then noticed some adwords promoting Google Places.

So what is google Places? You ever look for a business or type of business in google and you get the google map, and in that map is the red exclamation points. In side that explamation point is a letter. On the side legend is letters with businesses. So the letter on the map is the business on the legend.

That is google places. The best part is if you own a business you can claim your google places on the map for free. Once you claim or setup your places, you then seo your google places website (set up free by google) add what missing information is needed. Then you have another spot on the web free for your business.

Google is trying hard to promote and push google places, because the percentage is low and they want more business to use and list in google places. If done correctly and set up to be SEO friendly, this little piece of the web can bring in more business that you can imagine for your general or local areas.