Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One more for Google Sniper

Ok Every now and then I will post a comment on a training e-book or course for learning how to make money online. Well since introducing myself to George Brown's Google sniper I cant say enough. He teaches you step by step how to build a website under a few minutes that will dominate the Search engines.

Google Sniper 2.0

The reason you want to build a website that is search engine friendly is once your website is indexed by search engines you get free traffic. Now let me rephrase that. Once you build a website the way google sniper teaches you, you will get free traffic from all the major search engines.

Free traffic is the key. The less you spend on traffic the more you make. Now you dont have to spend every penny you make on "traffic" software, or "traffic scams" The best way to get a good ranking in Search engines is knowing how to build great websites to commodate the search engines.

And google sniper will teach you how to build a great website that dominates other websites for a particular keyword. So do your self a favor and check out what george brown is about at Google Sniper 2.0

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Google Adwords

What a nightmare

I recently decided to finally use my google adwords account, did my research for my webpage (not this one) keywords, started the campaigne, added my key words, and submitted. 1 hour later campaigne dissapproved. The reply was read site policies. So I did, I went over googles adwords site policy and could not figure it out.

So I wrote a letter to googles adword team, and the first letter said I was not abiding by googles adwords site policy. To re-do my website and then contact them again when my site was ready.

I sent another letter, stating that I have went over site policy and still feel my site was following their policy. 1 hour later I got another email from googles adwords team. The letter then went into detail why my webpage was not google approved. Thank you to the guy who cared enough to help me understand.

My webpage stated by google was a "bridge page". A bridge page is a website that has a link to another website that I make money off of sales. Well 80% of affiliate marketers and that is low balling, has bridge pages. The second rule is even though my landing page for google adwords had no bridge links, however subpages on my website had bridge links and that was not acceptable.

The only thing that I can think of doing is linking my original website to a new created second website that is then a bridge to my money site. The question then is if I have a link from my first webpage to my second webpage, that then links to a sales page would this be considered a bridge site that bridges to another bridge site. hmmm.. But then I would have to make even more sales because not many people are going to follow all links to finally get to the money page. So all monies I spend in adwords will need to be less than all sales made for me to profit. hmmm tricky one.

Remember those books you read as a kid. When you get to the bottom of the page it says if you want to do this go to page 4 if you want to do this go to page 10. Yes that is what it reminds me of.

I will have to check on that. I know for many adwords is their main money source. And since I am just wanting to use adwords, I am guessing I will need to read up more or find a good program. Because google is more strict on their adwords policy, and also what we read will be different from the next guys understanding.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Instant Passive Profits

This page is my Instant Passive Profits review. Instant Passive Profits was in prelaunch June 17th to the 19th, and now is live June 20th. Online Scam BUSTED!!!Get the FULL STORY here for Instant Passive Profits

Is this another software engineer going rogue to create his own software to make money online? Is this another money making push button software? Is this another bad actor trying to make you think he is the real guy that created Instant Passive Profits? And tired of the gurus trying to keep the affiliate down. Well I am not going to go in much detail here. I add the affiliate link because people will watch the presentation, and people will buy. Does that mean I agree? no.

If you really want to learn to make money online I suggest checking out Google Sniper.

Read my reviews for google sniper. I honestly have learned alot from Google sniper, and continue to learn. It is not an instant push buttom, it is a real course for real people wanting to make real money.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Commission Mayhem

Commission Mayhem is the new product from Sim Anahi, the man behind Massive Auto Traffic! – This new product Commission Mayhem is looking good

Commission Mayhem will be "A Unique Software Using A Very Different Technology That Allows It's Users To Make A Sale In UNDER 5 MINUTES."

Why 5 minutes? Well, we saw that since there are many software products being launched nowadays, with MASSIVE refund rates, and unhappy customers, it was time to do something special and completely different with Commission Mayhem!

Commission Mayhem uses a very different technology, this software will allow affiliates to bank some easy cash, doing nothing but entering a super-difficult traffic monopoly, and best of all, on complete autopilot!

FACT: Using this piece of Commission Mayhem, we were able to make a sale in just 4:31minutes of starting it

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