Saturday, December 12, 2015

Online Marketing 2016

Seo and Online Marketing 2016

There has been a paradigm shift in todays online marketing. This shift started this year 2015 for SEO marketing. You still want to have the perfect on page and off page optimization this gives relevance to your website. It allows search engines to know what your website is about. You want to have authority links pointing back at your website. It tells search engines such as Google that your website is important and is trusted. This has been around since the beginning of the internet and in many's opinion it will be around for much longer. However this is no longer the only cog in the SEO wheel.

Video Content

Video content has been on the rise. 2016 may bring an even bigger return on investment for companies who use video content in comparison with those who only use written content. Thought, combining video on websites. You give your consumers valuable information, as well keeping them content on your website. This will keep your bounce rate in that comfortable zone.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile optimization is more important than ever. People use the internet on their smartphones, tablets and other mobiles devices; that’s not news at all. Then why are so many companies still failing to optimize their websites to be more mobile friendly? This year 2015 you seen a big push for even more mobile friendly websites and mobile optimization. Google even stated their push towards websites being mobile friendly. There was a huge shift in rankings due to website not mobile friendly dropped and or rankings being dropped. Is your website mobile friendly, not sure, go to Google's Mobile Friendly Test

Social Media and Social Signals

Social Signals (social media) will continue to become the new SEO. For companies employing an SEO strategy social signals will be one of the major factors of success. Legitimate backlinks from trusted news sources have become the norm. In 2016 you will see more companies including social media in their online advertising. Now more and more seo companies have included social media and social signals in their optimization campaign. Many well known SEO "gurus" have stated that that paradigm shift now includes social media (social signals) in serp rankings. Which makes sense now that more people are and or will be sharing things they think are important or news worthy on their social media accounts. These signals telling google and other search engines that your product, website, etc is important and people are talking about it.

To recap: What is 2016's online marketing campaign.

1: Video content and video advertising
2: Mobile Friendly Websites
3: Social media and social signals

Your Marketing Campaign

Whether you are doing an advertising campaign or an SEO campaign your client will need social media. To get your Social Media (social signals) started or a boost I would suggest this will give you that extra push towards a great social marketing campaign and give your website that social signal boost for search engines.